Backup to the cloud, how to store it securely and inexpensively in Amazon AWS! [part3]

In today’s post I’ll show you how to reduce cost of your backup using S3 lifecycle management. But first its worth to mentioned about Amazon storage classes. Amazon has very diverse offer regarding storage. At the time i’m writing this post you can chose between four main storage type. Elastic Block Storage (EBS) as the name suggest, its … [Read more…]

[SG] 4.1 Create and manage Machine Prefixes

Used to generate the names of provisioned machines Role responsible – Fabric Administrator prefixes are shared across all tenants Every business group has a default machine prefix. Every blueprint must have a machine prefix or use the group default prefix. Configured on Administration -> Blueprints tab.

[SG] 4.1 Identify Business Group roles and their specific privilege levels

Business Groups A business group associates a set of services and resources to a set of users, often corresponding to a line of business, department, or other organizational unit. Business groups are managed on the Infrastructure tab but are used throughout the service catalog. Entitlements in the catalog are based on business groups. To request … [Read more…]